What's Your Perversion?

What's Your Perversion?
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

On Being Fucked From Behind

"There’s something delightfully objectifying about being taken from behind. It’s not about romance, eye-contact, and connection. It’s about visceral use and physical need. It’s depersonalizing – you can’t see the person fucking you – and there is a sense of almost animalistic invitation to presenting yourself with your knees spread and your ass in the air waiting to be fucked. You know that what they’re looking at is your ass or your cunt, and all you can think about is how it will feel when they open you up and push their way in." ~ Rona.

-- I couldn't have said this better.


  1. I love to be used in this way as a object for others pleasure and enjoyment Yummy

  2. Oh yes: i fully agree with Rona's feelings! Being fucked from behind is the most demaling experience a sissy could have ... and especially if you are used by two or three or even more Men in a row!

    sissy moan

  3. i prefer my sissies this way. i even ask them to wait for me in this manner, with a hand on each ass cheek, spreading, so that their little rosebud is clearly visible. i also ask them to make the hole moist in advance, with lube, so that i may slide in without touching any other part of them. only then i put my hands on their hips and begin to fuck them the way they cooingly ask for.
    yours anon

  4. Amazing! This is poetry that we should learn in school!!

    Makes me so horny ;)

  5. I am on the other side of this scenario, the one who enjoys looking down on a lovely woman's ass sticking up in the air, my swollen cock bobbing up and down with each beat of my pounding heart. The sight of smooth wide hips in my hands, cheeks spread apart so that cute little taboo asshole is revealed just above luscious pussy lips begging to be parted sends chills through me. A woman is totally vulnerable in that position and ready to be taken. The reason this way of presentation is so thrilling is that it is the natural way to fuck for the ultimate purpose, me pulling your bottom tight against my abdomen driving my cock deep inside you to plant my hot sperm and make a baby.

  6. I love to pump a chick from behind real hard. The sound of flesh slapping flesh is so erotic and the eroticism of my balls slapping either pussy or another set of balls is so fucking hot. Some hair pulling abd ass spanking is always added for some torrid fun.

  7. I prefer to be taken face to face. I want my man to be looking in my eyes. I want him to be wrapped around me. I want his cock deep in my ass. I want him slowly fucking me. I want him to kiss me wet, deep, and hard. I want his arm around my shoulders. I want his other arm holding my ass as he grinds me hard until he cums inside me.


    1. you are my type of woman :-)

  8. I have very own personal sissy and only on rare occasions when I use him to substitute a woman do I take him any other way. 99% of the time, I have him on all fours and if he so much as dares to consider himself to equal me in height, I push him from the back of the neck down so his ass the only part of his body that is in line with my masculinity. He bows like someone in worship of a god infinitely superior to himself and knows his place.

    You can see me bully him daily here: